Sinus Exposure

Special Instructions for Patients

A sinus exposure is an uncommon, but potential complication that can occur during the removal of top teeth. As long as all special post-care instructions are carefully followed, recovery can occur predictably and with ideal results.

In addition to the routine post-operative instructions you received, it is very important that you follow the directions outlined below.

  • Things to avoid for the next 7 - 10 days
    - Avoid blowing your nose. If you must blow your nose, do it very gently by blowing through both nostrils at once. Do not close off one side while blowing.
    - Avoid sneezing. If you feel like sneezing, do not hold back. Let the sneeze go, keep your mouth open, and sneeze through your mouth.
    - Do not lower your head below your waist
    - Do not engage in strenuous activities
    - Do not drink through a straw
    - Make sure to rest and relax for the next 3 days
    - Lay with your head slightly elevated for the next 3 days
    - Take all the medications as prescribed
    - Inform your dentist at follow-up appointments if any bloody drainage comes from your nose.
    - Call or come into the clinic if any unusual symptoms appear.