Non-Patient of Record Emergency Policy

At Heritage Family Dental, we understand that dental pain can develop unexpectedly and often at the most inconvenient of times. We want to alleviate your pain and make you more comfortable, but also require your cooperation and adherence to our “Non-Patient of Record Emergency Policy.”

  • In order for us to determine the source of your pain, it is necessary to perform a limited exam and x-rays. In the event you do not have dental insurance, we require a deposit before we can perform the exam or x-rays.
  • Once the doctor has determined the cause of your pain and appropriate treatment, you will be required to pay in full the cost of treatment.
  • Narcotic pain medication will be provided ONLY when absolutely necessary as determined by the doctor’s exam and when treatment has been provided. Narcotics WILL NOT be provided if the patient declines treatment, requests a 2nd opinion at a different clinic, or schedules treatment at a later date.

At Heritage Family Dental, we strongly believe in the comprehensive care plan approach to dental treatment. At the end of the emergency treatment appointment, patients will be provided a follow-up appointment to complete a full exam and x-rays. Patients who fail schedule or follow through on this appointment will be subject to the “Appointment Policy” penalty. Please see our “Appointment Policy.” located on the Patient Forms page of our website for more details.